COVID19 Response Information

Our RTO remains open and is ready to support our clients.

At Gold Star Child Care Training we take safety seriously.

In this time during COVID19 we will be protecting, staff, students and employers by ensuring that we follow advice provided by the Department of Health, the Department of Training and Workforce Development and our regulator, TAC.

Site Visits

Where possible site visits will be maintained, but this will be dependent on the individual child care centre. In the event that we are unable to visit your site we will arrange for your visits to be conducted via another medium (e.g. online, video conference) or postponed to another date. Practical elements of the course can be managed in various ways and we will discuss those with you to determine which is the best personal approach for your circumstances.

We encourage you to contact your Trainer or our office to discuss through your options, our aim is to maintain meaningful engagement with training.

Withdrawals & Refunds

Requests to withdraw should be provided in writing to the RTO and must include evidence of the reason for withdrawal.

Students currently on a payment plan may seek to reduce their current payments due to unforeseeable economic impacts but must do so in writing to the CEO (

Please note, evidence of impact from coronavirus to the individual should be provided at the time of communication. This may include a confirmation from the Employer (where impact is a reduction of working hours or other employment related reason).

For students who are on a funded traineeship contract the following information applies.

Pro rata refunds

  • A student will be issued a pro rata refund for a coronavirus-related absence from the workplace where:
    • the absence is consistent with health advice issued by an appropriate authority, such as the Commonwealth Government or State Government; and
    • it is unlikely that the student would reasonably be able to complete the unit or course as a result of that absence.
  • Consideration for a pro rata refund may extend to cases where an absence from the workplace, or inability to complete the unit or course, is the result of:
    • the student being ill with coronavirus;
    • the student caring for a family member or member of the household who is ill with coronavirus;
    • the student being required to be in self-isolation based on current health advice for a period consistent with that advice; or
    • the student has a pre-existing health condition and is concerned about contact with others, and the course is not online.

Transfers between training providers

  • Where feasible, the Department may arrange for students about to be impacted by a course cancellation or rescheduling of classes to transfer to an alternate provider that has capacity to continue the training.
  • In the event that students are transferred between training providers, a pro-rata transfer of any course and resource fees paid by the students is to be made to the new training provider, based on elapsed time.

Fee Waivers

  • Fee waivers will only be provided to students where continuing to pay instalments through a payment plan compromises the student’s ability to meet their basic living needs or those of their dependents, due to the student or a family member being ill because of coronavirus.

If at any time you have a question or concern about the continuation of your training please do not hesitate to contact your Trainer or our CEO Chris Croker (0424 342 118 or